Coffee Talk: Bronchiectasis in Europe

In the latest episode of Coffee Talk, Prof. Stuart Elborn interviews Prof. Stefano Aliberti and Dr Eva Polverino about the largest ever prospective study of adults with bronchiectasis from 28 countries - the EMBARC study.

EMBARC is a European Respiratory Society (ERS) Clinical Research Collaboration. Funded by ERS and the European Union Innovative Medicines Initiative, EMBARC enrolled 16,963 patients across Europe to study the causes, microbiology, severity and outcomes of bronchiectasis across Europe.

Bronchiectasis is a growing clinical problem and this new data helps us to understand the best way to investigate and manage bronchiectasis, as well as stimulating new research questions and initiatives to improve quality of care around Europe.

Access the article: Bronchiectasis in Europe: data on disease characteristics from the European Bronchiectasis registry (EMBARC)

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