Tuberculosis is a global scourge, its evolution is fatal in cases, it represents the 5th cause of death in the world.

Objective. _ To determine the characteristics of patients who died of tuberculosis and to study the cases of death

methods. _ We have listed 30 files of tuberculosis patients who died in a set of 439 cases, hospitalized in the pneumology department of pneumology, during a period of 2 years from 2020 to 2022.

Results. _The mortality rate is 4 %, the average age is 40 years with extreme ages (23 years -80 years) and the sex ratio is 8/7.

The presence of immunosuppression that negatively influenced the lethality of our patients is: pregnancy (n=3 cases) COPD (n= 9 cases), diabetes (n= 12 cases), HIV status (n=9 cases) and rheumatoid arthritis (n = 2 cases).

The average consultation time is 02 months, the clinical picture is dominated by an alteration of the general state, hemoptysis associated with a multifocal tuberculosis in 6 cases.

the radiological images are most often, the diffuse and multicavitary pulmonary lesions (n = 8 cases) and of the miliary tuberculosis (n = 7 cases).

Death occurred early during the 4th week in 9 cases.

The causes of death are either related to the tuberculosis disease, the deep deterioration of the general state, multifocal tuberculosis or indirectly to tuberculosis (deterioration of a chronic disease, pulmonary embolism and renal failure).

conclusion. _ Despite the efforts made to improve the management of tuberculosis in Algeria, there are still fatal forms of tuberculosis. it is important to detect and treat these forms early, which are often associated with chronic diseases and poor socioeconomic conditions.