A poor control of asthma leads patients to require medical assistance in emergency room
(ER) and decreases their quality of life


Find out main characteristics of patients attended in ER due to asthmatic exacerbation. Verify if there are differences between follow-up in Primary Care (PC) or Allergology vs Pneumology


A retrospective descriptive study was carried out,including a total of 200 patients in 2021


The patients follow up was: 44 (22%) by Pneumology (19 in specific asthma consultation and 25 in general consultation); 141 (70.5%) in PC and 15 (7.5%) in Allergology

The clinical and epidemiological variables in both groups are reflected in Figure 1

The treatment in both groupsis reflected in Figure 2


Too many asmathic patients were not followed up by a pulmonologist

Patients attended by pneumology have more comorbidities and a higher degree of asthma

The mixed phenotype was the most frequent profile among the patients who needed
biological treatment

We found significant differences in the dose of OCS, number of times the patient goes to ER
and need for hospitalization between both groups