Introduction - Sars Co-V2 infection has transformed the way we manage respiratory patients generally and globally.

Objectives-Prevalence and whether routine monitoring and active screening of patients to ensure full -resolution following acute infection in tertiary ILD clinic

Methodology ? Study was conducted in a tertiary care centre as a descriptive cross sectional study.


2042 patients were followed up and 98.97% have been identified not to have persistent interstitial changes during follow up. 21 patients have been referred to specialist ILD clinic to decide on further treatment of fibrosis after initial assessment. 61.9% of the patients with post covid ILD had the infection prior to routine vaccination was available.

Mean length of hospital stay was 21.4 days with age ranging from 29 to 83. 67% of post covid fibrotic patients were males. Dexamethasone became standard of care following Recovery trial and 85% of our cohort received this treatment.13 out of the above group needed treatment with ventilatory support.

Mean IL6 levels when available was 109.4pg/ml and only one received Tocilizumab.

3/20 have been started on steroid treatment trial after ruling out other causes of fibrosis pattern. However, majority was kept on watch and wait policy and noted to have a gradual recovery over time.

Conclusions ? Although the post Covid fibrosis has been rare and not as prevalent compared to the number of patients who have been discharged following acute SARS Co-V2 infection, the optimum timing of further investigations and treatment trial such as steroid needs to be decided after research as these are valid questions going forward as to how we manage post -viral sequelae