Introduction: Home mechanic ventilation (HMV) adherence rates are the main obstacle to treatment, limited by patient discomfort. Implementing an approach centered on the patient's needs and complaints leads to better adherence and satisfaction, improving the recognition of therapeutical benefits.

Aim:To assess the impact of home mechanic ventilation from patients? perspective, in terms of perceived benefits and side effects, by disease.

Methods: Cross-sectional analysis of patients followed in an outpatient ventilation clinic at a Portuguese tertiary hospital over a six-month period. Patients with at least three months of follow-up were included. Each patient answered a questionnaire about the benefits (symptomatic relief, increased quality of life, decreased infections and hospitalizations) and perceived side effects. The number of reported benefits and side effects were summed, ranging from 0 to 12 benefits and from 0 to 10 side effects. Pair-wise comparisons between diseases were performed using the t-student test.

Results: 235 patients were included. The results are summarized in table 1.

Conclusion: In general, patients perceived more benefits than side effects. Patients with NMD reported less benefits than patients with COPD or OHS. There was no difference in the number of side effects reported between diseases.