Introduction: PR improves is key in the management of COPD. Its benefits in patients with end-stage disease such as those established on home NIV is unknown. We aimed to determine the long-term outcome of patients with COPD treated with home NIV referred to PR as compared to those who did not.

Methods: Retrospective monocentric study including all COPD patients that were admitted to our centre for elective review of their home NIV between 2017 and 2019 and who attended PR. All data were collected from hospital electronic medical record. Death status was assessed using national death record registry.

Results: Three hundred and thirty-two patients established on home NIV for COPD were identified (182 (55%) lone COPD, 150 (45%) COPD-OSA overlap).

Of those, 115 patients were referred to PR : 73 (63%) COPD patients and 42 (37%) COPD-OSA patients.

There was no difference on long term survival in the general population according to PR attendance or not (p = 0.155).

However, in patients with COPD-OSA, a trend toward a benefit of PR on survival was seen (p = 0.055).

Conclusion: Pulmonary rehabilitation did not influence patient survival.