Background: With a prevalence of >10% of the SARS-CoV-2 infected population, post-acute Sequelae of Covid -19 (PASC) poses an emerging challenge in medicine. With the avalanche of new papers being published daily, the unmet need for more refined and time efficient literature mining toolsis high. Databases are essential tools in evidence-based medicine and research alike. However, it is time consuming to find the right data and relevant publications, particularly in a novel field such as covid-19 where the number of publications grow exponentially.

Objectives: PASC is an umbrella diagnosis including several conditions where sub-grouping and analysis of these groups is a challenge. Literature analysis is needed and a specificliterature-mining tool is needed to organize and prioritize the literature at hand.

Methods: CORACLE (COVID-19 liteRAture CompiLEr) is a novel web app for analyzing Covid-19-related articles and finding research trends in related areas. The app has three main functional pages: The "Search" page presents different trends and citation relationships, the "Citation Map" page enable users to customized citation relationship maps based on PMID (PubMed Identifier) list to find shared references of the input articles, and the "MeSH" page shows trending MeSH terms and MeSH terms pair that are related.

Results: Here we have utilized our in-house web application, that collects periodicallyupdated data from PubMed, to compile the comprehensive published literature to define relevant subgroups of PASC.

Conclusion: CORACLE is useful tool for literature extraction. Features, such as the "MeSH" page and customized citation maps, can aid to identify relevantinformation and trends in PASC research.