It is important to add scientific evidence with real-life data on the effect of different biologics directed against the IL-5 pathway.

Aims and objectives

To confirm the effect on clinical remission (CR) and identify factors associated with good response.


Retrospective study in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma treated with mepolizumab (M) and benralizumab (B) in the Asthma Unit of HGTP. We evaluated demographic and basal asthma related data and changes in response variables one year after starting treatment.


We analyzed 46 patients (24 B, 22 M) and there were no statistically significant baseline differences between the groups. Clinical and statistically significant improvement was observed in all response variables. A 47% presented CR, with no significant differences between the biologics. The only factor associated with CR was lower blood eosinophilia (OR 0.996, CI 0.993-0.999; p 0.02).


Anti-IL5 biologics were effective and the % of CR was significant regardless of which one. The only factor associated with CR was lower peripheral eosinophilia.