The PRiVENT project evaluates different elements to improve weaning expertise in associated ICUs. Besides multi-professional case conferences and quality circles, an e-learning platform on weaning was provided.


The self-paced e-learning course ?joint prevention of long-term ventilation? was developed in peer review procedure between the partners and consists of 7 modules (M1-7) with practice-oriented learning units, corresponding case studies and a course-wide resources section. At the end of each module, users can take an online test to earn credits for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Access is made available to health care professionals participating in the study via a personal login code. The number and distribution of users are documented and evaluated. Feedback for the e-learning is discussed in the quality circles (QC).


The platform went online at 01.07.2021. Until 31.01.2023 207 users from 33 cooperating clinics registered for the course. Working through the course, learners follow the sequence of the modules. Therefore, modules placed at the end of the course are viewed less frequently: M3 by 65%, M7 by 26%. Most of the participants take the test at the end of each module to obtain the credits (M1 67%, M7 98%).

In the online feedback and the QC the health care professionals commended the content?s high quality and the logical and accessible structure as well as the chance to gain CME.


E-learning to improve weaning expertise was well received on ICUs. It is a useful tool in a blended medical training to improve knowledge transfer.