Purpose: to explore medical management strategies for Covid-19 and future pandemic are designed to modify consumer and provider behavior to improve the quality and outcome of healthcare delivery.

Method: we had 15874 patients with covid 19. All of them had at least CT examination, there were x-ray examinations, laboratory and MR for patients with different symptoms. A new and rapidly changing health care environment is forcing usage of more and more strategies.

Results: To create competitive advantage, enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate top trends to identify opportunities that their organizations can exploit. These are strategies we use for managing private diagnostic center.

Future trends for medical managements are AI foundation, Intelligent apps and analytics, intelligent things, Augmented Analytics Will Enable Users to Spend More Time Acting on Insights Digital twins, Cloud to the edge, Edge Computing Brings Distributed Computing Into the Cloud Style conversational platforms, Integration With Third-Party Services Will Further Increase Usefulness, Immersive Experience, Blockchain Offers Significant Potential Long-Term Benefits Despite Its Challenges, Event-Driven Model, Events Will Become More Important in the Intelligent Digital Mesh, Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust, Barriers Must Come Down Between Security and Application Teams. The old way management is no useful. Implementing of this technique is vital for private hospitals. Our result is visualized in cost control, health improvement and positive consumer experiences.

Conclusion: Any of these strategies have great value but together bring success in the management of epidemic.