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Panel discussion on pleural malignancies

Panel discussion on pleural malignancies

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25 January, 2024 | Online

18:00-19:00 CET

Chairs: Prof. Najib M. Rahman (Abingdon, United Kingdom), Dr. Avinash Aujayeb (Newcastle, United Kingdom)
Speakers: Dr. Dinesh Addala (Oxford, United Kingdom), Dr. Rachelle Asciak (SIGGIEWI, Malta), Dr. Rachel Mercer (Winchester, United Kingdom)

Fees: Free for ERS members / €10 for non-members


There have been a number of high quality trials in malignant pleural effusion, its management and the qualitative aspects of that management. These have been condensed in various guidelines, which will be presented, as well as the research gaps and novel directions for the future.


Educational aims

  • The speakers will describe the use of cytology and biopsy for investigation of malignant pleural effusion, and will make the case for early biopsy in various cancers and will expand on mesothelioma. This will be widely applicable.
  • Traditional teaching also suggests that asymptomatic pleural effusions should not be drained, but there is novel evidence that fluid might well promote growth of tumour-this will be explored in detail and future directions will be discussed.
  • The management of malignant pleural effusion is increasingly done via indwelling pleural catheters- various methods can be used and there have been some very high quality trials regarding their use which is ever increasing. This talk will summarize those, but also concentrate on recent qualitative evidence that IPCs might not be what patients want, and quote the recent OPTIMUM trials as well.



  • The case for early biopsy and avoiding initial cytology - Dinesh Addala
  • Biology and growth potential of pleural fluid - Rachelle Asciak
  • Optimal use of IPC, highlighting some of the qualitative data around IPCs recently published? - Rachel Mercer