Conferences Lung Science Conference

Lung Science Conference 2024

Development of chronic lung diseases: from life-spanning mechanisms to preventive therapy

14-17 March 2024 | Estoril, Portugal | #LSC2024

Chair(s): Michael Ammeter, Charikleia Ntenti, Stijn Verleden, Anja Schweikert, Nicole van der Burg, Harry Karmouty-Quintana, Toren Finkel, Thomas Conlon, Michael Cho, Stefan Hadzic

Session type: Poster

Ioannis Belios

Session content

Airway cell lumican impacts extracellular matrix organisation and fibroblast function in early life allergic airways disease

Franz Puttur

Developmental origin of sex differences in lung-resident immunity upon prenatal adversities

Ioannis Belios


Preconception paternal and maternal smoking alters gene expression in the early murine embryo and offspring lung function

Sheikh Anika Rahman

Cruise ship-associated ultrafine PM is rich in vanadium, which promotes hyper inflammatory responses, but suppresses antiviral immunity

Matthew Loxham

Development of multi-cell-type, immune competnet lung organoids and microtissues for developmental and disease modelling applications

Nicholas Hannan

Exosomal Signaling and Mitochondrial Transfer Reprograms T Helper Cell Function in Human Asthma

Jessy Deshane