Conferences Lung Science Conference

Lung Science Conference 2024

Development of chronic lung diseases: from life-spanning mechanisms to preventive therapy

14-17 March 2024 | Estoril, Portugal | #LSC2024

Chair(s): Michael Ammeter, Charikleia Ntenti, Stijn Verleden, Anja Schweikert, Nicole van der Burg, Harry Karmouty-Quintana, Toren Finkel, Thomas Conlon, Michael Cho, Stefan Hadzic

Session type: Poster

Paniz Khooshemehri

Session content

Airway cell lumican impacts extracellular matrix organisation and fibroblast function in early life allergic airways disease

Franz Puttur

Preconception paternal and maternal smoking alters gene expression in the early murine embryo and offspring lung function

Sheikh Anika Rahman

Cruise ship-associated ultrafine PM is rich in vanadium, which promotes hyper inflammatory responses, but suppresses antiviral immunity

Matthew Loxham

Development of multi-cell-type, immune competnet lung organoids and microtissues for developmental and disease modelling applications

Nicholas Hannan

Exosomal Signaling and Mitochondrial Transfer Reprograms T Helper Cell Function in Human Asthma

Jessy Deshane

IGF2BP3 modulates type 2 immunity in severe asthma: A novel regulator of IL-4/IL-13 signalling

Paniz Khooshemehri