Lung Science Conference 2024

Development of chronic lung diseases: from life-spanning mechanisms to preventive therapy

14-17 March 2024 | Estoril, Portugal | #LSC2024

Chair(s): Melanie Konigshoff, Rosa Faner Canet, Mareike Lehmann, Gerard H. Koppelman, Alison Morris, Julieta Viglino, Mohamed Ghonim, Maria Concetta Volpe, Engi Ahmed, Iwona Kwiecien

Session type: Poster

Lisa M F Janssen

Session content

Clinical implications of poor airway epithelial cell repair

Thomas Iosifidis

Combinatorial AAV6.2FF-SP-C-miRNA gene therapy to prevent/reverse fibrosis?

Pauline Bardin

Programming of respiratory epithelium in utero

Thomas Iosifidis

YAP1-A key mediator in enolase-1 driven pulmonary fibrosis

Shailza Sharma

Heterogeneous ILC responses in severe asthma patients undergoing anti-IL5/5R therapy

Kyle Mincham

MAIT cells protect against lung injury

Xiawei Zhang

Longitudinal pulmonary function in severe paediatric asthma and factors influencing decline

Ali Hakizimana

Targeting host cell metabolism to treat virus-induced exacerbations of COPD

Sarah Wideman

Lung resident mesenchymal stem cells in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Gabriel Escarrer-garau

Modelling Approaches for Inferring Lung Function Trajectories across Diverse Data Characteristics: A Technical Proof-of-Concept for CADSET

Nuria Olvera Ocana

Local autoimmunity development in a silicosis-RA mouse model

Lisa M F Janssen


Spatially resolved transcriptomics of mouse lung for investigative safety of inhaled antisense oligonucleotides

Linnea Johansson

Deciphering the human deep lung microbiota from its microbial ecology to its potential for modulating host immunity.

Sudip Das

Ventilation-induced airspace acidification via NHE1 increased susceptibility to Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia

Matthias Felten