Childhood respiratory health - a European Parliament debate

Childhood respiratory health - a European Parliament debate

"Inequities in healthcare not only impact the treatment of respiratory diseases but also significantly hinder prevention efforts." Prof. Monika Gappa, ERS President, Professor of Paediatrics and Director of the Children's Hospital, EVK Düsseldorf

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Led by the European Respiratory Society's (ERS) President Prof. Monika Gappa and co-hosted by MEP Patrizia Toia and MEP Romana Jerkovi?, this event welcomed policymakers, stakeholders in respiratory healthcare and other interested parties to hear information on five key areas:

- Importance of respiratory health in early childhood: understanding how early life events shape lung health and overall well-being, emphasising the critical nature of addressing respiratory health from the earliest stages of life.

- Impact of health inequalities on respiratory health: highlighting the influence of disparities on preventive measures and the overall management of respiratory diseases among children. Analysing how socioeconomic factors significantly affect children's respiratory health outcomes.

- Challenges in availability and accessibility of medicines: discussing the stark reality of unequal access to respiratory medicines across different regions in Europe. Addressing the barriers that limit children's access to vital treatments and exploring potential solutions.

- Urgent need for collaborative actions: Stressing the immediate necessity for synergistic efforts across European and national levels to address the gaps in children's respiratory healthcare, swiftly and effectively.

- The role of awareness and research: recognising the pivotal role of awareness campaigns and research initiatives in driving change. Proposing strategies to increase awareness about respiratory health in children and advocating for research that encompasses the paediatric aspect in healthcare initiatives.


Watch expert interviews from the event:


Interview with Marielle Pijnenburg - Erasmus MC, Sophia Children's Hospital

Interview with Zorana J. Andersen - Chair of the ERS Environment and Health Committee

Interview with Ed Powell - Chair of the ELF Youth Group

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