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The ERS International Congress 2020, Virtual


This annual event brings together the world's respiratory experts to showcase all the latest advances in respiratory medicine and science.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the ERS International Congress took place for the first time in a completely virtual format. 

Chair(s): L. Howard (London, United Kingdom), A. Vonk Noordegraaf (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Session type: Oral Presentation

F. Garcia (Getafe, Spain), B. Raboso Moreno (Getafe, Spain), C. Matesanz Lopez (Getafe, Spain), J. Diaz Garcia (Getafe, Spain), C. Acosta Gutierrez (Getafe, Spain), C. Panadero Paz (Getafe, Spain), C. Lopez Riolobos (Getafe, Spain), A. Abad Fernandez (Getafe, Spain), E. Aguilar Rivilla (Getafe, Spain), C. Caņibano Dominguez (Getafe, Spain), J. Santiago Luis (Getafe, Spain), M. Calderon Alcala (Getafe, Spain), A. Ruiz Martin (Getafe, Spain), Z. Vasquez Gambasica (Getafe, Spain), P. Andres Ruzafa (Getafe, Spain), J. Garcia Satue (Getafe, Spain), S. Calero Pardo (Getafe, Spain), M. Rio Ramirez (Getafe, Spain)

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