Skills course: Thoracoscopy and Pleural Techniques 2023


This course is aimed at pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons who want to train in diagnostic and therapeutic interventional pulmonology. As a rule, one third of the course is devoted to "hands-on" workshops and two thirds to the theoretical aspects of bronchoscopy or thoracoscopy. The participants will have the opportunity to practice live bronchoscopy or thoracoscopy (using pigs and sheep). The operating rooms are equipped with full video equipment. Each course is tutored by four to six internationally recognised experts.

Pleural anatomy and physiology of the pleural space

Blind pleural biopsy: it still remains available nowadays

Medical Thoracoscopy: basic approach

How to anticipate and diagnose iatrogenic complications of thoracoscopy

Pleural Imaging: what do Pulmonologists have to know?

Chest sonography: How can it help us for pleural maneuvers?

Anaesthesia for thoracoscopy: is it a so 'light' procedure?

Management of recurrent malignant pleural effusions

Management of Primary spontaneous pneumothorax

Thoracoscopy in short term hospitalisation

Nonspecific pleuritis after thoracoscopy

Empyema: How to prevent progression to stage III disease

Pleural exudates: role of thoracoscopy

Pleural drainage techniques and clinical cases

Flexi-rigid thoracoscopy: advantages and drawbacks

Medical Thoracoscopy: how to start?

Medical Thoracoscopy: how to design an educational program?