Climate change: what clinicians need to know for their patients


Taking place on 18 October, 2023, this ERS Vision Live panel discussion focused on climate change and what clinicians need to know for their patients.


The expert panellists discussed key areas, including:

  • Why is climate change so important for pulmonologists? What does a patient with lung disease need to know?
  • Beyond the lungs: Specific issues for patients with cardiovascular disease during heat waves.
  • How can the community and the health care system adapt to ensure health during climate change?



Prof. Carlos Robalo Cordeiro

Carlos is the Head of the Pulmonology Department at the Coimbra University Hospital and Dean of Coimbra Medical School where he is Full Professor of Pulmonology. Carlos just completed his year as ERS President and is the current ERS Past President for 2023/2024.

Prof. Barbara Hoffmann

Barbara is ERS Advocacy Council Chair (2023-2026) and has chaired the ERS Environment and Health Committee. Since 2011, Barbara has been Professor of Environmental Epidemiology at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf, Germany.


Prof. Alexander Rabin

Alexander is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of Michigan. Since joining the faculty at Michigan, Alex has been engaged in research and advocacy related to climate change and respiratory health.

Dr Fátima Franco

Fátima is a cardiologist and head of the heart failure programme at Coimbra University Hospital in Portugal. Her professional experience focuses on the impact of air pollution and climate change on cardiovascular health.

Prof. Maya Negev

Maya is the Head of the Division of Health Systems Policy and Administration at the School of Public Health at the University of Haifa in Israel. She studies health aspects of resilience to climate change across governance levels and across sectors, through mixed methods and interdisciplinary research.

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