Lung Science Conference 2023

At the forefront of basic and translational respiratory science, this conference is an essential event for budding respiratory researchers looking to boost their career.


Educational aims

- To present the very best of international lung science research
- To highlight new discoveries likely to impact on the future of respiratory medicine
- To encourage debate and interaction between young postdoctoral scientists and established investigators

Chair(s): Susanne Herold, Carola Voss

Session type: Session

Isabelle Dupin

Session content

Stefanie Warnat-herresthal

18 - Swarm Learning for decentralized and confidential clinical machine learning


OP08 Recapitulating morphological and functional characteristics of distal airways in tubular organoids to model post-viral obstructive diseases

Isabelle Dupin





Group Picture and Coffee Break

Celina Marques Grunho