Courses Skills course: Rigid bronchoscopy 2023

Skills course: Rigid bronchoscopy 2023


This course is dedicated to develop skills and knowledge in the field of rigid bronchoscopy which is the basis of interventional therapeutic bronchoscopy. After a necessary reminder of the anatomy of the larynx, airways and mediastinum as well as different pathologies and clinical situations leading to the use of rigid bronchoscopy, the course focuses on stent loading and insertion and other methods used for tracheobronchial desobstructions.

During the workshops participants used animal models and mannequins to develop their practical skills. Participants tutored in groups of 3 to allow interactive learning.

Ph Astoul (Marseille, France)

Session content

Anatomy of the larynx, tracheobronchial tree and mediastinum

Ph Astoul (Marseille, France)

Anatomy of the Larynx Trachea and Mediastinum